I Am Powerful Councils

 I Am Powerful Councils are groups of influential individuals (mainly women) who come together in cities across Canada to raise awareness and funds for CARE's work in lifting women and girls out of poverty. Members inspire others in their communities to help CARE empower women and girls in the developing world. This movement started in Montréal in 2011 and councils are now forming in cities across the country. Each I Am Powerful council is unique because all members joining them are unique. Their common thread?  Engaged and passionate people willing to make a difference in the world. 

Why should I join an I Am Powerful Council in my city?

  • You are passionate about making positive changes in the lives of women, girls and their families in developing nations
  • You want to join like-minded individuals who have come together to share your passion for ending global poverty and empowering women and girls worldwide.
  • You want to use your skills and networks to  build awareness and raise funds for CARE's work and inspire others to get involved

What's involved with becoming an I Am Powerful Council member?

  • You will learn about CARE's work and international development and have the ability to engage others on what you have learned. You will promote CARE through a variety of ways including social media and speaking engagements and advise CARE of opportunities for further engagement in your community.
  • You will help raise funds to support a CARE project through fundraising events, inspiring others to give or through a personal donation.
  • You will attend council meetings to discuss your council's objectives. Each council will have their own priorities and objectives.

How do I join?

To find out how you can become involved with an I Am Powerful Council in your city, please contact us at iampowerful@care.ca


 Current IAPC members include:


Ottawa Vancouver

Helen Wesley, Chair
Terry Allen
Shannon Bowen-Smed
Nipa Chakravarti
Tammy Coates
Loren Falkenberg
Nancy Foster
Wendy Hanrahan
Sarah Hawitt
Maureen Higgins
Linda Hohol
Carol Honey
Robyn High Klapatiuk
Saifa Koonar
Jennifer Martin
Janice Odegaard
Sarah Raiss
Arlene Strom
Heidi von Engelbrechten

Janet Yale, Chair
Catherine Clark, Vice-Chair
Denise Amyot
Lesley Baird
Carole Chouinard
Penny Collenette
Cathy McLean
Barbara Orser
Molly Samakai
Sheridan Scott
Colette Watson
Andrée Wylie
Louise Wylie

Martha Piper, Co-Chair
Laura Edwards, Co-Chair
Anne Andrew
Fiona Beaty
Nicole Byres
Shirley Chan
Maria Chung
Joy Coghill
Jane Coop
Richenda Crawford
Lara Dauphinee
Brenda Eaton
Shanna Fromson
Nancy Gallini
Joanne Gassman
Ida Goudreau
Lynn Green
Parmit Hari
Kimberly Harvey
Nancy Hermiston
Dana Johl
Laurel Johnston
Kathy Kealey
Connie Leighton
Susan MacLaurin
Joy MacPhail
Cheryl McMillan
Paula Martin
Allison Milroy
Barbara Ann Milroy
Donna Mooney
Lynne Newton
Emily Piper
Audrey Plé
Wendy Porter
Gail Ruddy
Marjorie Anne Sauder
Sharon Manson Singer
Freydis Welland
Cathryn Wilson
Lucy Zhan





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