Dadaab Refugee Camps

Dadaab Refugee Camp - New refugees are admittedCARE operates three refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya. The camps were created in 1992 to support 90,000 people. Today, they house more than 330,000. Most people living in the camps are Somali, refugees from Sudan, Uganda, the Congo and other countries in conflict. Many have lived in Dadaab for over a decade, unable to return to homes that are still embroiled in chaos.

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CARE’s work in Dadaab

Emergency Response:

  • Water and Sanitation: CARE is responsible for the water and sanitation systems in the Dadaab camps, including wells, latrines and health education campaigns on hygiene and water use.
  • Food Distribution: CARE works with the World Food Program to distribute food rations to refugees in the three camps.

Long-Term Projects:

  • Education: CARE manages the schools in the Dadaab camps, providing basic education to all children between the ages of 5 and 18. Despite the damage to classrooms and school supplies caused by the floods, CARE and other agencies have managed to ensure that students were able to take their end-of-year examinations.
  • Community Services: CARE provides a variety of community services in the camps, including counseling, sports and recreation, conflict resolution and support for vulnerable groups including women and orphans.
  • Economic Development: CARE helps to provide economic opportunity for camp residents through training in vocational skills, loans of tools and microcredit programs.


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